Play Well.

Play Fast.

Play Poorly.

Play Faster.

Welcome to the links.

The tee is clear.

But before we play.

Lets raise a beer.

Graphic depicting four golfers

Here's to you, and you, and you.

At the links you should be.

You have the honors.

Now, quiet please.

Graphic depicting four golfers

We believethe links lifeis the only life,so we tenderpremium beermade just for it.

Paddle saying Quiet Please with brewery logo

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    Lone Pine CC

  • Three Rivers Corporate Players Championship

    Laurel Valley Golf Club

  • St. Clair 27 Hole Scramble

    St. Clair C.C.

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  • Ale

    Lightly Hopped

    4% ABV

    Whether you find yourself in the fescue or in the middle of the fairway, you’ll enjoy our take on the American ale. It’s hopped just enough to pick up the pace, but perfect for going a few extra holes, too. Brewed with New Zealand hops with notes of white grape, citrus, and wheat.

  • Summer

    Crisp & Citrusy

    5.4% ABV

    Brewed for the dog days, when the cicadas sound their sirens, and you find yourself two back, with three to play. It’s time for a little warrior juice. Our Summer Ale is brewed crisp, to refresh, but we’ve added a nice, grapefruit citrus kick to help you dial it in and go right at the stick. Brewed with American Citra and Cascade hops, with an earthy profile from the malt.

  • IPA

    India Pale Ale

    6.3% ABV

    No rush. No worries. Just slow and smooth. This is our IPA — brewed for the evening round, when the only thing you’re chasing is a setting sun. It’s made with extra hops, so mind your divots, and has a distinct marmalade hue, a grassy feel, with hints of grapefruit. You’ll enjoy our IPA from tee to green.

  • Porter

    Pennsylvania Style

    7.5% ABV

    When it’s time to roll the dice and see who picks up the chit, enjoy our take on the traditional porter. Crafted with dark malts the way Old Tom Morris would have preferred, our porter is the perfect beer for when mother nature shows her might, and everyone chooses the steak for dinner. Best poured back at the clubhouse.