• Ale

    Lightly Hopped

    4% ABV

    Whether you find yourself in the fescue or in the middle of the fairway, you’ll enjoy our take on the American Ale. It’s hopped just enough to pick up the pace but perfect for going a few extra holes too. It’s brewed with New Zealand hops and has notes of white grape, citrus and wheat.

  • IPA

    India Pale Ale

    6.4% ABV

    No rush. No worries. Just slow and smooth. This is our IPA — brewed for the evening round, when the only thing you’re chasing is a setting sun. It’s made with extra hops, so mind your divots. It has a distinct marmalade hue, with a grassy feel, and has hints of grapefruit. You’ll enjoy our IPA from tee to green.

  • Pale

    Hazy Pale Ale

    5.7% ABV

    We’ve learned a thing or two about brewing, and Links Pale is a tribute to the grinders who put the time in. Maybe it’s because we’re from the “Rust Belt,” but we have a soft spot for hard workers. Our Pale is a little lighter than our Hazy, with enough juice to go the distance. No fuss. No mulligans. Just grip it, rip it, and fix your ball marks.

  • Hazy

    New England India Pale Ale

    6.5% ABV

    Whether you can’t seem to stay out of the sand, or your fade is now a slice, sometimes a little Haze can make all the difference. Ours is a classic New England IPA, low in bitterness and with a nice, juicy finish. It’s brewed so you can keep playing, no matter the weather. After all, the heavy stuff isn’t coming down for a while yet. See what we did there?

  • Summer

    Crisp & Citrusy

    5.4% ABV

    Our Summer is brewed for the dog days, when the cicadas sound their sirens and you find yourself two back, with three to play. It’s your warrior juice. It’s brewed crisp, to refresh, and with a nice grapefruit kick to help you dial it in. It tastes great and is less filling (wait, can we say that?).

  • Christmas

    American Ale

    6% ABV

    The weather outside might be frightful, but the clubhouse can still be delightful. Kick back with our Christmas Ale while you plan your next golf trip to Florida, or Arizona, or maybe the Old Course (it doesn’t really snow there). Our Christmas is brewed with honey, nutmeg and cinnamon, making it a favorite on the party circuit. Now where is that mistletoe?

  • Balance

    Cherry Wheat Ale

    5.3% ABV

    When Kylie Shevchik became a partner at Links, she didn’t know much about golf. What she did know was that Links Summer Ale was her favorite, and that it was a shame it was a seasonal brew. Meet Links Balance, a crisp, refreshing Cherry Wheat Ale designed to be enjoyed all year round. It’s as delicious on a hot summer day as it is fireside in a clubhouse, in the dead of winter. Hats off to Kylie.

  • Pilsner

    German Pilsner

    4.8% ABV

    Links Pilsner is an old-school tribute to the German pilsner, popular in old-school Pittsburgh. More kraut and pretzels, please. When you want to give the IPAs and Hazy beers a break and get back to the basics, enjoy one of these. It’s a 4.8% smooth brew that won’t let you down. Think of it like that sand wedge you stick to within a few inches of the hole. “It’s good. Pick it up.”

  • Amber

    Brewed With Honey

    4.8% ABV

    Let’s face it, some beers are better in the clubhouse than in the cup holder of a golf cart. Brewed with honey, Links Amber pairs well with just about everything from a hot dog to a juicy filet smothered in bearnaise. “Links Amber, sir?” “Links Amber indeed,” you say with a subtle nod of the head. Let’s roll some dice.