Links Brewing Company was founded by Jeff Becker, Matt Mohn and John Bryan in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, home to some of the best golf courses in the world. From a crisp autumn round to a summertime scorcher, each beer is crafted with a purpose. Now find your foursome and carry on.

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  • Jeff Becker


    Jeff Becker

    As the third-generation operator running his family’s fire protection business, PFE Fire and Security, Jeff decided to take a swing at an entirely new industry in 2016, craft beer. Without telling anyone in his family (including his wife), he started buying small-batch brewing equipment and attending annual Craft Brewers Conferences. For the next few years, Jeff studied the science of brewing and toured breweries across the country. Before long, Jeff was laser focused.

    Having majored in finance, he knew nothing about starting a brewery, but he had the entrepreneurial spirit to start something that was his own. It was quickly apparent that having a great beer wasn’t enough. He needed a reason to be that was different from the others, something to set his brewery apart. Enter his other passion, golf.

    While attending the 2017 Masters Tournament at Augusta National, Jeff was blown away by the control Augusta National had over its brand. He realized that combining his new interest in craft beer with his love for golf would create a brewery that clicked with a lot of people. While developing beer recipes, assembling a team of talented partners, and refining the brand, Jeff decided it was time to launch his dream, Links Brewing Company.

    The experience he had gained running a small family-owned business prepared him for an already saturated marketplace. By aligning the brewery with a specific mindset, that of golfers, Jeff was confident that Links would be welcomed by a select audience.

    When Links Brewing was asked to brew the in-house beer for Oakmont Country Club, Jeff knew the brewery was heading in the right direction. As Links continues to grow, he will continue to perfect both his brewing and his golf game. His dream is for his two daughters to follow in his footsteps and run the brewery. He wouldn’t mind getting his handicap below 7.

    Favorite Links Beer: Links 1010

  • Matt Mohn


    Matt Mohn

    Matt was introduced to the game of golf through his maternal grandfather, who regularly played the great public courses around Pittsburgh and was known to only buy a car if the trunk could fit four golf bags.

    As a kid, Matt played golf every day into the wee hours with his best friend, Jeff Becker. They had met at their beloved Highland Country Club. At Penn State, Matt was introduced to beer. He tried his share of the usual suspects, but then he had a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and the seasonal Samuel Adams Winter Lager. They opened his mind, and palate, to how a truly great beer can taste. Since then, Matt has searched for the perfect West Coast IPA and explored most of the other offerings from the best breweries, not just in Pittsburgh but throughout the U.S.

    Matt is a father of four, a husband of more than 20 years, and a partner at the global law firm Reed Smith LLP, where he serves as Vice-Chair of the Business & Finance Department. Between his career and driving his kids to lacrosse tournaments and basketball games, Matt can sometimes squeeze in a round of golf. He cherishes the moments he can step onto his home course — the Fox Chapel Golf Club, designed in 1923 by Seth Raynor — especially when it means playing a few holes with his kids.

    Matt has been an adviser to Jeff since the early days of Links Brewing. Matt loves being part of the Links family, whether it’s helping with brand development, designing beers, pitching in on marketing, or simply enjoying a frosty IPA.

    Favorite Links Beer: Links IPA

  • John Bryan


    John Bryan

    John C. Bryan III was born in Pittsburgh, PA, and is a lifelong Pittsburgh sports fan — attending Steelers games in his youth with his father in the late 1970s. John was an eyewitness to a dynasty and the power of the Steelers brand. His grandfather started a business in the 1940s in Oakmont, PA, and named it Carnegie Tar & Asphalt, after Andrew Carnegie. The name Carnegie meant success. When John’s father took over the business in the 1960s, he joined Oakmont Country Club and was given the nickname “Tar Man” by the locker room attendants because they had a harder time cleaning off his dress shoes.

    It wasn’t until 1983, when the U.S. Open came to Oakmont, that a young John realized there was more to the club than a swimming pool and a restaurant. He took his first swings at the range under the watchful eye of Head Golf Professional Bob Ford, who became a mentor and lifelong friend.

    A fortuitous meeting set up by Matt Mohn in the winter of 2019 brought John into Jeff Becker’s orbit, during the early stages of Links Brewing Company. A partnership was formed, and a plan and vision continue to evolve.

    John is Vice President of Sales at Quantix, a privately held supply chain company serving the chemical industry with more than 5,000 pieces of equipment and 33 facilities nationwide. Married and a father of four children, he sings, plays guitar and writes songs for around the campfire, and is a band member of Asphalt Rodeo.

    Favorite Links Beer: 1903

  • Kylie Shevchik


    Kylie Shevchik

    As an accountant by trade, the last thing Kylie ever expected was that her career would take a turn toward a brewery with a focus on golf. Without a great deal of experience with either, it was the excitement of being part of a business from the ground up that intrigued her. For the first four years of her career, she had worked in public accounting and learned very early on the importance of working with a team and collaborating — all invaluable skills in the brewing industry.

    Eventually, she decided to step away from the professional world to focus on the most important job in her life, motherhood. Married and the mother of three, she says it has been the most rewarding job of her life! After her kids grew a little older, she felt it was time to get back into the workforce, deciding to join PFE Fire and Security. Continuing to use her accounting expertise, she became the Controller of PFE, watching as the idea of Links Brewing Company began to take shape. After a few years, Jeff approached her and asked if she would be interested in working with Links. After a few months, she was made a partner in the brewery because of her dedication and commitment to the brand.

    Kylie has already made a lasting impact on the brewery, including the development of her own beer, Links Balance – a cherry wheat ale. This is her first time taking the lead on the recipe development and brewing of a beer in our lineup. The Balance is a reflection on one of Kylie’s core principles, the importance of finding the right work-life balance. She is also responsible for the financial controls, production schedule planning, and brand development of the brewery. Her contribution can be seen in every part of Links! You will see her pouring beer at all the Links-sponsored events. All that is left now is for her to start playing golf. Committed to learning the game in 2022, there is no doubt that she will have a single-digit handicap in no time!

    Favorite Links Beer: Links Balance