Quiet Please

Meaning of "Quiet Please!"

By Jeff Becker

July 15, 2022

Icon of golf pin

You may wonder why we use the phrase “Quiet Please” in all of our branding. Some people think it is the name of our beer. Others have thought we wanted people to actually be quiet while they are drinking. The most obvious answer could be a reference to the paddle held behind golfers when they are getting ready to tee off. Truthfully, none of those reasons are why we have chosen “Quiet Please” as the tagline for Links Brewing Company.

For us, the idea of “Quiet Please” is a state of mind we want you to experience. Life is hectic and constantly moving. Schedules are packed with work meetings and family events. In the age of modern technology, we are constantly connected to the world around us. While that can be beneficial in many aspects of life, it can also have an equal number of drawbacks. Our minds are continually racing and never find a moment of quiet. Emails, text messages, social media posts, calendar notifications…the world never seems to give us a break. When was the last time you spent four hours on the golf course and did not take your phone with you? There was a time, not too long ago, people disconnected from the world around them and enjoyed their time on the Links. Today, most of us can’t even play one hole of golf before we need to check our phone for messages.

When I developed the concept for the brewery, my goal was to create a brand that reminded people to slow down. Take the opportunity to escape the demands around you and find time to truly enjoy yourself, no matter what you are doing. Put the phone away. The text messages will still be there, and the Instagram posts are not disappearing. But those moments of calm in your life are becoming less and less regular. Whether you are on the golf course, watching your child play baseball, laying by the pool, or reading a good book, give yourself that much deserved break from the outside world. Think how much happier we will all be in life if we take a little time away from the connected world. My hope for you is to find that moment of relaxation, open a Links beer, and tell everyone around you to “Quiet Please!”.

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